Conference Agenda

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Conference Agenda

KwasiLatest News: Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng will be speaking on Day One in the Manufacturing Keynote Conference Theatre alongside Lord Hutton of Furness, the new chair of Make UK and former Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

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Keynote Theatre
  1. Keynote Theatre
    • Net zero transition.
    • Supply chain sustainability.
    • Workforce development – all jobs greener.
  2. Keynote Theatre
    • Understanding the 3 biggest risk factors in every business - people, organisation and technology
  3. Keynote Theatre
  4. Keynote Theatre
    • Reliability and condition monitoring techniques to improve sustainability.
    • How wireless monitoring has influenced a post covid era.
  5. Keynote Theatre
    • Simple steps to compressed air energy saving
    • Smart & sustainable compressed air
    • 10% taskforce
  6. Keynote Theatre
    • Vibration-based Features selection using well-known VCM concepts
    • Standardization of Vibration Features to be used in the Smart AI-based Fault Diagnosis Model
    • Feasibility of self-learning Smart AI-based Fault Diagnosis Model
  7. Keynote Theatre
    • Digital solutions for energy efficiency and performance.
Keynote Theatre
  1. Keynote Theatre
    • How to identify and pursue potential opportunities.
    • The potential barriers, and how to overcome them.
  2. Keynote Theatre
    • Keeping things simple – rocket science not required!
    • Thinking about procurement
    • Resource not Waste 
  3. Keynote Theatre
    • What is the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge?
    • What projects have we invested in, and what are the benefits to the maintenance community?
    • How you can get involved with the Made Smarter programme.
  4. Keynote Theatre
    • Silicon semiconductors.
    • Compound semiconductors.
    • Other’ semiconductors.
  5. Keynote Theatre
    • How services relate to circularity
    • Retaining material at its highest value through modernization (real life examples)
    • Digital and advisory services in the circular economy (real life examples)

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