Conference Agenda 2022

Fire extinguishers

Conference Agenda 2022

Keynote Theatre
  1. Keynote Theatre
    • Net zero transition.
    • Supply chain sustainability.
    • Workforce development – all jobs greener.
  2. Keynote Theatre
    • Understanding the 3 biggest risk factors in every business - people, organisation and technology
  3. Keynote Theatre
  4. Keynote Theatre
    • Reliability and condition monitoring techniques to improve sustainability.
    • How wireless monitoring has influenced a post covid era.
  5. Keynote Theatre
    • Simple steps to compressed air energy saving
    • Smart & sustainable compressed air
    • 10% taskforce
  6. Keynote Theatre
    • Vibration-based Features selection using well-known VCM concepts
    • Standardization of Vibration Features to be used in the Smart AI-based Fault Diagnosis Model
    • Feasibility of self-learning Smart AI-based Fault Diagnosis Model
  7. Keynote Theatre
    • Digital solutions for energy efficiency and performance.
Keynote Theatre
  1. Keynote Theatre
    • How to identify and pursue potential opportunities.
    • The potential barriers, and how to overcome them.
  2. Keynote Theatre
    • Keeping things simple – rocket science not required!
    • Thinking about procurement
    • Resource not Waste 
  3. Keynote Theatre
    • What is the Made Smarter Innovation Challenge?
    • What projects have we invested in, and what are the benefits to the maintenance community?
    • How you can get involved with the Made Smarter programme.
  4. Keynote Theatre
    • Silicon semiconductors.
    • Compound semiconductors.
    • Other’ semiconductors.
  5. Keynote Theatre
    • How services relate to circularity
    • Retaining material at its highest value through modernization (real life examples)
    • Digital and advisory services in the circular economy (real life examples)

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