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AMS Asset Monitor

Emerson Stand: M60

The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device utilising CHARMS-based technology to collect vibration and process variables, then applies embedded analytics and actionable alerts.

Unlike typical analytics devices that send data to a historian or the cloud to be processed later, AMS Asset Monitor provides analytics at the edge, performing calculations at the device reducing the time, complication, and expense of adding analytics to an asset. Each device collects data continuously and uses embedded logic to identify and diagnose common reliability issues. Individual issues (see below) are consolidated into an overall asset health score making it easier for personnel without extensive experience in vibration or process diagnostics to act on the information.

Alerts include: -

  • Balance – detects imbalance
  • Alignment – detects misalignment
  • Looseness – detects mechanical looseness
  • Vane/Blade Pass – detects bladed component issues
  • Flow Turbulence – detects pump cavitation or fan rotating stall
  • Gear Faults – detects defective gears
  • Ratio – computes gear Hunting Tooth ratio matching issues
  • Rolling Element Bearing Defects – detects failing antifriction bearings
  • Lubrication – detects antifriction lubrication issues
  • Electric Motor Problems – detects basic electric motor faults

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