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CAT I Ultrasound Course

Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd Stand: 127

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the principles of ultrasound as applied to predictive maintenance.
  • Gaining knowledge on generic ultrasound equipment such as airborne and structure-borne sensors and their functions
  • Explore data acquisition and storage options
  • Analysing and trending data, using time signal analysis and setting up statistical decibel alarms
  • In depth study of ultrasound applications; leak detection, bearing lubrication and monitoring, steam trap and valve inspection, electrical systems analysis, hydraulic inspections and more.
  • Assess equipment to determine severity priorities.
  • Recommendations on implementing an ultrasound analysis program at your facility

Learn more about this course online at: https://rms-reliability.com/product/cat-i-ultrasound-analysis/

This course is intended for the ultrasound analyst and technician analyst who will collect ultrasound data to detect fault conditions in rotating machinery, electrical equipment, and a host of other equipment including valves, hydraulics, steam traps, and more. Students learn how to detect leaks in compressed air and steam systems and grease lubricate bearings with precision.

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