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The components and complexity of the drive system can range from small fixed-speed DC motors to large variable frequency drive AC induction motors. DCO Systems offer an easy to retrofit sensing solution enabling motors, still within their service lifetime, to acquire the same monitoring capabilities and performance metrics as newer, state-of-the-art models. 

Features of motors & drives monitoring include: 

  • Real-time monitoring flags faults- Turning electrical power into mechanical action, motors benefit from a combination of electrical and physical monitoring techniques. Moreover, motor current signature analysis (MCSA), temperature and vibration monitoring can be combined to deliver real-time performance metrics. This also provides instantaneous performance comparisons and flags inconsistencies to determine electrical and mechanical faults. 
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance increases productivity- Wear in the many mechanical and electrical elements of drive systems - such as commutators and bearings – leads to changes over time. Because DCO monitors constantly collect and aggregate performance data, they build a profile of the equipment behaviour that includes an assessment of what “normal” is for each drive system. Analysis of difference from those normative values and generation of long run trend data enables the production of predictive and preventative maintenance data. In turn, predictive data permits pre-emptive scheduling of maintenance on a schedule that maximises operational efficiency.
  • Holistic monitoring uncovers knock-on effects- Drive motors are frequently combined with other mechanical components such as gearboxes, pulleys, belts, and drive shafts. Problems in one part of the drive systems may show up elsewhere. Looking at the system as a whole, DCO's monitoring integrates Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), multiple surface temperature probes, and wide bandwidth vibration analysis of the drive systems. As a result, holistic monitoring offering temperature, vibration and electrical analysis in parallel provides the detail needed to identify root cause and the actual issues. 

This simple monitoring solution entails DCO’s energy harvesting sensors which thrive within the conditions of motors and drives. Harnessing power from vibration, heat or electromagnetism, DCO’s self-powered sensors do not need an installed power source to function.

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