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NL Camera for Air Leak Detection

NL Acoustics Stand: M58

With its 124 state-of the-art microphones, the ultrasonic NL Camera is the most efficient and effortless acoustics-based solution for detecting and locating air leaks in compressed air systems. The camera delivers industry-leading performance even in noisy industrial environments, offering field of view from extended range. With the NL Camera, leak location is up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods.

The portable and lightweight hand-held camera is intuitive to use and requires minimal training. The built-in processing power enables you to see leaks on the camera screen, analyze the results in real time, and know the size and costs of each leak.

The machine learning-powered NL Cloud service offers more in-depth analytics that give you an ISO 50001 compatible report with repair instructions. These help you to make more informed, intelligent maintenance decisions. 

The ultrasonic NL Camera detects and locates air leaks reliably and quickly. It not only helps to make more intelligent maintenance decisions but also: 

  • Save up to 40–50% of all energy used for compressed air
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Save inspection time and costs
  • Get ISO 50001 compatible reporting
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