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NL Camera for Partial Discharge Detection

NL Acoustics Stand: M58

The NL Camera’s 124 state-of-the-art microphones reliably detect the sounds partial discharges emit, even when they are not audible to the human ear. This offers an efficient and easy solution for locating problems in high voltage electrical systems from a distance of more than 130 meters, preventing breakdowns and reducing downtime and energy losses.

The portable and lightweight hand-held camera is intuitive to use and requires minimal training. The built-in processing power enables you to instantly see the PD pattern on the integrated screen. The machine learning-powered NL Cloud service offers more in-depth analytics that automatically assesses the severity of the partial discharge and gives recommendations on what actions to take next. These help you make more informed, intelligent maintenance decisions. 

With the NL Camera, you can find partial discharges that are missed by UV and IR cameras, for the solution works without direct line-of-sight with, for example, small discharges inside cable terminations.

The ultrasonic NL Camera reliably detects and locates partial discharges in power grids. The NL Solution's unmatched analytics capabilities determine the severity of the partial discharge and advise what to do about it, helping you to:

Make more intelligent maintenance decisions
Cut maintenance costs
Reduce inspection time
Decrease expensive downtime
Reduce breakdowns
Avoid catastrophic failures

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