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Providing the elements for total asset care

53 North Group Stand: M71

53North have already created thousands of asset care instructions for our partners, including Mars, ADM, Kerry, Pladis, Johnson Matthey, Nestle, PepsiCo, Grants, Thermo fisher, Knauf, Marshalls and many more. Using tools like criticality analysis, FMEA, autonomous maintenance, spares analysis, and CMMS data analysis, we can collect asset management data to make more informed decisions about asset care.  Our passion at 53North is to use this data along with our team’s wealth of experience, combined with the utilisation of modern technologies and effective culture management to get the most value from our client’s assets.

We create asset care journeys for our asset care partners that typically include:

  • Critically appraise equipment to function level
  • Selection of the best maintenance task types for equipment
  • Carry out FMEA on high critical items
  • Create Task list for implementation
  • Creation of lubrication schedules
  • Review critical spares
  • Carry out CBM services to support technology introduction
  • Carry out remote data analysis of vibration, thermal and lubrication data – using our connected systems
  • Supply CMMS to support Planning and scheduling
  • Supply online training modules to support application and management training
  • Support RCA with laboratory-based inspections
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