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Remote monitoring is the process of gathering data on your machines and understanding what is happening ‘within’ your machines when you are not physically on-site. DCO Systems offer the two critical components needed for remote monitoring, the sensors to collect data and the software to interpret. 

Benefits of remote monitoring include: 

  • SELF-POWERING- Our sensors have energy harvesting technology, making them ideal for remote places with little infrastructure including tunnels, roof tops and installed equipment that is far-far-away.  
  • COMPLETE DATA- With continuous monitoring, DCO’s solutions move you into a high-definition world with more frequent data reporting and an always-on, real-time connection of your equipment and assets.  
  • DATA ON ANY DEVICE- You can view the data of your equipment and system components from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad at any time.  
  • GREATER COLLABORATION- Information on your machines and processes are kept in one centralised dashboard, making it easy for engineers to communicate, trouble-shoot and diagnose problems. 

DCO Systems’ remote monitoring includes predictive and preventative maintenance alerts and notifications. Our dashboard analytics will identify any inconsistencies that could lead to mechanical production failures.   

Most importantly, monitoring is done remotely, keeping engineers working instead of travelling long distances to sites to carry out meter readings. Be on the same page as your engineers and have the confidence of knowing exactly how your equipment is functioning in seconds - not hours or days. For more details, please visit our website.

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