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ShireSystem Resource Planner

Resource Planner for ShireSystem is an add-on module that provides a view of current and planned work. It allows shift patterns to be created and staff unavailability to be recorded. It builds on its tried and tested core maintenance functionality by providing a calendar format top down view which makes it easy to visualise upcoming planned preventative maintenance (PPM) work, or to schedule reactive work based on available resources and staff suitability.

It's a great way of showing what work individuals, teams and contractors have got on, plus where and when that work is taking place.

The user friendly software works with drag and drop which simplifies assigning or scheduling work.

Multiple engineers can be displayed making it easy to view who is available, and individuals' workloads. This helps you improve efficiency by optimising the utilisation of all staff at all times. You can create a new work order or customise the time frame of each cell interval.

Shift patterns and core staff hours

Shift patterns can be created and applied to individual staff members and/or teams.

Not only are working patterns colour coded in the calendar view, but it will warn you when a work order is assigned to an engineer who is not available, both in the Resource Planner and the work order screens.

The core staff hours are the base working hours and will be automatically inherited by all members of staff and teams. Shift patterns will take precedence over any core hours in the system.

Groups and teams

Shift patterns and work orders can be assigned to teams or groups as well as individuals. Work orders can also be assigned to teams based on their trades and/or locations. 

Follows work order status flow

The work orders in the Resource Planner will reflect the work order status e.g. will turn red if overdue.

Assigning and scheduling work orders

With the Resource Planner you can drag outstanding work on to any engineer in view or reassign work orders by dragging from one engineer to another. 


Agenda shows a list of all work orders for the team/individuals and aids in reviewing work schedules. These can be exported to PDF or printed.

Multiple calendar views

Workloads can be viewed for a day, working week, full week or month. Selecting timeline will show the time across the horizontal plane and people on the vertical plane within the planner. 


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