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Spectro Scientific FluidScan® 1000 Series

SciMed Stand: M80

Dedicated Direct Infrared Spectrometer

No moving parts, designed for handheld and field use applications

Multivariate calibration with unique oil-specific algorithms

Easy to use

Needs just one drop of oil and one minute to test

No solvents required to clean

Color-coded, user adjustable alarm limits

Determine when in service oil is not fit for use

Direct immediate measurement of water, TAN and oxidation for lubricants used in gearboxes, turbines and hydraulic systems

Also measures TBN, glycol, additive depletion and oxidation for engine oil, Oxidation, Sulfation, Nitration, Soot, TAN, Water(ppm) and Biodiesel Testing.

 Applications include:

• Mineral and synthetic oils used in gear boxes, engines, transmissions

• Hydraulic systems, turbines and other machinery components

• Biodiesel/Fuel

• Quality assurance of new oils

The FluidScan 1000 Series provides quantitative measurement of a lubricant’s condition and plays an important role in predictive maintenance. Using the device, you can eliminate unnecessary oil changes or service by testing not just servicing the oil.

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