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Spectro Scientific Laser Net Fines Spectrometers

SciMed Stand: M80

The LNF system is integral to an overall strategy for oil condition monitoring. Particle size anaysis can offer insight into oil cleanliness for new unused oils, debris analysis of used oil with particle size distribution, ISO coding for oil in use suitability, shape characterisation for wear origin analysis and identifcation of contamination from environnmental sources (dust and dirt). In additon the LNF 230 has the added feature of ferrous debris analysis, offering uses the ability to determine total Iron derbis from component wear. 

The LNF can be used as a separte instrument or as part of a combined oil condition monitoing program using other instruments in the Spectro MiniLab series. When coupled with these instrument oil condition, comtamination and asset wear can all be combined ina total asset management condtion and reliability program

The Spectro Scientific LaserNet Fines instrument measure particles in oil providing size distribution, shape imaging/clasification and ferro debris analysis.

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