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Spectro Scientific MiniLab Series

SciMed Stand: M80

The Minilab series is a modular system built up from a base set of instruments. Instruments can be purchased as separates and provided fully calibrated ready to work out of the box. Options are the MiniLab 23 up to the MiniLab 153.

Corrosion and wear cause surface degradation of the lubricated surfaces in machinery and are the root causes of most mechanically-induced equipment downtime. The MiniLab series can be integral to any machinery maintenance improvement process.

In field measurements require no solvents or cleaning solutions and provide immediate results for immediate action.

Instruments offer immediate results for a wide range of applications without the need to wait for reports form outsourced labs that can take days or weeks to arrive. The MiniLab series can be incorporated into a data reporting system using TruVu that allows results to be seen remotely via cloud applications and offers trending information as well as diagnostic tools to help users and maintenance managers identify issues quickly and objectively.

In-service oil analysis is a key machine condition monitoring technique for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Reliability programs. It complements vibration analysis, thermography and other predictive maintenance technologies. In the time it takes external laboratories to return oil sample results, machinery condition can change significantly. On-site oil analysis eliminates this wait and enables immediate decision making.

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