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DCO Systems Stand: E34

DCO Systems have introduced a remotely accessible, self-contained, steam trap monitoring solution to ensure that steam trap performance data is collected round the clock. Monitoring the physical parameters of a steam trap is key to understanding its performance – both on short and long timescales. Regular monitoring of their performance is required to ensure that steam traps remain operational, and that neither steam leaks nor “cold” traps are present.  

Benefits of steam trap monitoring include: 

  • AN UPDATED APPROACH- Moving away from tedious manual testing, DCO has used its autonomous energy harvesting sensor technology to create a solution that is highly targeted at the requirements of steam trap monitoring. Manual on-site monitoring is greatly reduced, and common routine test and measurement tasks are automated.
  • BUILDING A PICTURE OF PERFORMANCE- Every trap will have specified (as designed) a behaviour model and a corresponding real-world performance envelope. Therefore, detailed monitoring permits one to be mapped onto the other, building up a picture of the real-world performance of the device.   
  • CHARACTERISING TRAP FAILURES AUTOMATICALLY- Monitor operation and failures in all types of steam traps, including:
    • Float (and Float & Thermostatic)
    • Inverted bucket
    • Staged orifice / Venturi traps
    • Thermodynamic 
    • Thermostatic  

A rich data set allows rapid changes, leaks and problems to be detected and pinpointed in real time. DCO’s steam trap monitoring solutions provide vital information on trap performance that engineers can use immediately. For further details, please visit our website.

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