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The Big Picture Pack

Institute of Asset Management Stand: M78

The Big Picture resources can be used to build common purpose and articulate vision within an organisation, and to support diagnosis, or gap analysis. It is particularly useful for:

  • Workshops - to get people talking about where you are as a business or team. It’s a great kick-off for a half- or whole-day thinking/ planning session
  • Roadshows - to generate conversation or to illustrate where you are going as a business
  • Transformation programmes - to help team members position the programme in a broader context of change
  • Office or meeting room walls - to generate interest and invite conversation with visitors and passers-by
  • Stakeholder Engagement - to find out which barriers and opportunities are most significant in your organisational context

The Big Picture comes with a pack of materials explaining the structure and key points of asset management, designed to be accessible to professionals across all organisations. The material focuses on two pedagogical posters which illustrate the concept of asset management, and how asset management applies across the entirety of an organisation. Each poster is accompanied by a detailed explanation video.

The Big Picture is a visual tool for starting conversations about asset management within your organisation as well as with customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders. The intention is not to provide a guide of how to ‘do’ asset management, but rather to capture what it feels like, depicting the cultural and technical barriers. It is the result of stories shared by hundreds of IAM members over a series of workshops.

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