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TruVu - For complete Asset Management Reliability Monitoring

SciMed Stand: M80

TruVu uses Spectro Scientifc Instruments to make measurements of key oil condition parameters. These measurements are structured via a device console to allow engineers to set up an asset tree to produce a comprehensive report to diagnose oil condition. Conditions of oil chemistry, particle size and shape distribution along with wear element data allow the intelligent software to define oil/asset condion. Reports warning of potential failure provide predictive maintenance outputs along with historical trend analysis and cost/bennifit data for the management of industrial machinery, engines/gearboxes and hydraulics for automotive, civilian and milatry use as well as product development.

TruVu is an asset management software package providing intellegent evaluation of oil condition monitoring parameters provided by a series of instrument measurements. The Asset Management offers cloud or network based realtime results for enginers and reliability Q/C Managers.

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