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Ultraprobe 3000

U E Systems Europe BV Stand: C29

- Digital Instrument
- Ideal for Energy Conservation Programs
- Create Compressed Air Leak Surveys
- Inspect Faulty Steam Traps
- Digital data with 400 storage points
- Export data to a Leak Report in Excel

Either for compressed air, leak detection or steam traps, the Ultraprobe 3000 is your tool for energy conservation.

Here is a digital Ultraprobe that’s versatile enough to cut energy waste and improve uptime while saving money, and improving the environment. The Ultraprobe 3000 is a digital ultrasonic inspection, information, storage, and retrieval system that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.

- Find your leaks & report cost per leak with DMS reporting
- Inspect for faulty steam traps
Why Choose this instrument?

- Easy to use
- Accurate & repeatable digital data with 400 storage points
- Ideal for energy conservation programs
- Comes with licence free data management software (DMS) to create yearly cost per leak reports!

On board data logging utilizing Ultratrend DMS™ providing:

- Download leak data via USB connection
- Manage your data, add comments & pictures
- Export leak data to a leak report in Excel

Features include:

- Wide, dynamic sensitivity range
- 400 memory locations on-board for your test data
- “Spin and click” operations to customize inspection modes, store and view data and adjust instrument settings
- Lightweight pistol unit
- Easy-to-read display panel with calibrated decibel readout and a 16 segment bar graph. The display panel showcases sensitivity level, storage location number and battery level.

This instrument offers the perfect balance for identifying & reporting energy losses!

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