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Wireless Technology - Airius

SPM Instrument UK Ltd Stand: M82

I n d u s t ry- l e a d i n g m e a s u r e m e n t t e c h n o l o gy
Airius is a MEMS type sensor with digital output,
measuring triaxial vibration and temperature. The
sensor curre n t l y comes i n two v e r s i o n s ; one measuring
in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range, the other between
2-1000Hz and 10-5000 Hz with envelope measurement
c a p a b i l i t i e s . A i r i u s s u p p o r t s s e v e r a l d i ff e re n t vibration
measurement assignments per sensor, with a userdefined
number of time-based daily measurements.

Providing warning of vibration-related problems as
w e l l a s g e a r a n d b e a r i n g f a u l t s , A i r i u s i s a w i re l e s s ,
battery-powered vibration sensor ideal for remote
condition monitoring of standard production
equipment such as pumps and fans. Designed and
manufactured by SPM Instrument.

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