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  • Flexible robotics requires none of the lengthy hiring, training, and managing processes that are commonly associated with manual warehouse expansion. 

  • With Christmas’s influence and the January sales aftermath, B2C businesses and their supply chains are shifted into extreme overdrive – impacting the entire economy dramatically.

  • Forklifts are a quintessential element of everyday warehouse operations. Automation won’t ever remove them from the picture, but it will dramatically change their shape.

  • 15 amazing features of the VNP15

    22 Mar 2022 Wise Robotics

    latest addition to its fleet of amazing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The VNP-15 is a cutting-edge automated forklift that is dramatically expanding the range of roles and functions 

  • Workshop: "How to be the perfect manager?"

    18 May 2022 Ian Mercer, Merceric Executive Coaching

    Hybrid working might need a particular style of management. This workshop could help you discover yours!

    Workshop: "How to be the perfect manager?"

    Wed 8 June, 10am, Workshop Theatre 1.

  • GTK has recently expanded the size of its ESD manufacturing area in its UK facility with the addition of a bespoke ESD room for box build manufacturing. The new ESD room has 24 M² of assembly space wi ...
  • The different range of operating systems and configurations can make directly comparing ERP solutions difficult. 

  • Overcome the biggest setbacks of your business and discover how automation is offering a stable and reliable infrastructure with the support of OrderWise.

  • Have you ever wondered how your business can maximise on it’s ERP investment? Regularly reviewing the performance of sales, staff and suppliers is a given for most businesses.

  • The cause behind many of the setbacks businesses face when it comes to creating a solid foundation, can often be traced back to under-automation, especially in a warehouse environment. 

  • According to research conducted in 2021, 92% of employees waste an average of 8 hours a week trying to find the right data1, and 24% lose up to a full day of productivity every week

  • What is under-automation?

    12 Apr 2022 OrderWise

    The simple fact is, highly automated companies are 6 times more likely to see revenue growth of at least 15%.1

  • Richard Fletcher MD of Ignys Ltd talking Design For Availability, chip shortages and design reviews in the Electronics Specifier Insights Podcast


  • Client Awards

    16 May 2022 Megan Cook

    Awards some of our clients have obtained since working with IDB

  • In an increasingly unpredictable world, companies are looking for stability and are keen to adopt ‘the new normal’. But what is that and how will businesses adapt to a new era of supply chain disruption and uncertainties in sourcing components? We speak to James East, General Manager UK and Ireland at Manufacturing and Engineering Week key sponsor Wurth Electronics, to find out.

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