Fire extinguishers


  • Hansford Sensors have recently designed and developed a range of new triaxial 4-20mA transmitters. The new HS-473 triaxial features 4-20mA velocity output via 8 Pin M12 Connector, and the HS-483 triax ...
  • Here at GTK, we often promote our customisation capabilities, and with good reason - over 98% of our assemblies are built bespoke to customer requirements. However, our customers often come to us with ...
  • Kees Ruven, Project Manager at Wientjes: "Data is worthless unless you are going to analyse and act on it." Find out how data analysis taught Wientjens they help customers save more than expected.

  • Reliability Maintenance Solutions has joined forces with Northern Ireland-based company, Sensoteq, to bring to market the latest innovation in wireless reliability technology.

  • Flexible robotics requires none of the lengthy hiring, training, and managing processes that are commonly associated with manual warehouse expansion. 

  • With Christmas’s influence and the January sales aftermath, B2C businesses and their supply chains are shifted into extreme overdrive – impacting the entire economy dramatically.

  • Forklifts are a quintessential element of everyday warehouse operations. Automation won’t ever remove them from the picture, but it will dramatically change their shape.

  • 15 amazing features of the VNP15

    22 Mar 2022 Wise Robotics

    latest addition to its fleet of amazing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The VNP-15 is a cutting-edge automated forklift that is dramatically expanding the range of roles and functions 

  • Workshop: "How to be the perfect manager?"

    18 May 2022 Ian Mercer, Merceric Executive Coaching

    Hybrid working might need a particular style of management. This workshop could help you discover yours!

    Workshop: "How to be the perfect manager?"

    Wed 8 June, 10am, Workshop Theatre 1.

  • GTK has recently expanded the size of its ESD manufacturing area in its UK facility with the addition of a bespoke ESD room for box build manufacturing. The new ESD room has 24 M² of assembly space wi ...
  • The different range of operating systems and configurations can make directly comparing ERP solutions difficult. 

  • Overcome the biggest setbacks of your business and discover how automation is offering a stable and reliable infrastructure with the support of OrderWise.

  • Have you ever wondered how your business can maximise on it’s ERP investment? Regularly reviewing the performance of sales, staff and suppliers is a given for most businesses.

  • The cause behind many of the setbacks businesses face when it comes to creating a solid foundation, can often be traced back to under-automation, especially in a warehouse environment. 

  • According to research conducted in 2021, 92% of employees waste an average of 8 hours a week trying to find the right data1, and 24% lose up to a full day of productivity every week

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