Fire extinguishers


  • Exciting improvements available in new release of ShireSystem CMMS/CAFM software.

  • The ultrasonic NL Camera detects partial discharges and air leaks in industrial environments and power grids. Now the NL Camera not only includes these features, but with its advanced intelligent anal ...
  • OnTrak SmartLube - Remote Bearing Monitoring and Precision Lubrication from anywhere, anytime The OnTrak SmartLube from UE Systems is a 24/7 bearing monitoring system which allows users to lubricate b ...
  • Obsolescence management

    04 Dec 2020 Radwell International
    Radwell can help your business proactively manage obsolescence by improving reliability, managing risks and preventing machine-down situations. The product life cycle of a technical system is often lo ...
  • Launch of New Valuekeep CMMS

    04 Dec 2020 ValueKeep
    Valuekeep is a technological company specialized in developing and marketing maintenance and asset management software for the global market. The company has announced a new Valuekeep, a more modern, ...
  • An insight into the wide variety of advantages which can come with choosing to finance compressed air equipment.
  • Roy Brooks, Technical Development Officer for the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) outlines some of the latest advice in working safely with compressed air.

  • Backup power generators often called “Gen Sets” such as those found in hospitals, water treatment plants or even where temporary power is required are often maintained by routine “interval based” serv ...
  • I-care is introducing “Wi-care as a service” as of now. This makes the industrial service provider the first organisation to offer wireless vibration monitoring as an OPEX solution. With the new servi ...
  • Fluke Reliability’s alignment team traveled to a client’s corrugated board production plant to perform an alignment service on a corrugator machine. Implementing a new methodology that required using ...
  • Direct Air place record order with Gardner Denver for prestigious turnkey project for 8 off Ultima Oil Free Compressors.

  • Sectors coverd by instrumentas produced by Spectro Scientific are Highlighted. 

    Links to instrument information is made available from the SciMed Ltd ( distributor for UK and Ireland) website. 

  • Electrical Equipment Reliability with Ultrasound

    16 Sep 2020 Christopher Hallum

    Ultrasound is becoming a must have technology for electrical inspections because of how complementary it is to traditional infrared inspections of electrical gear.

  • How Ultrasound technology can help identify problems on slow speed bearings.

  • Lubrication related bearing failures account for 60% to 80% of premature bearing failures. These bearing failures are due to either a lack of lubrication or over-lubrication.