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  • I-care is introducing “Wi-care as a service” as of now. This makes the industrial service provider the first organisation to offer wireless vibration monitoring as an OPEX solution. With the new servi ...
  • Direct Air place record order with Gardner Denver for prestigious turnkey project for 8 off Ultima Oil Free Compressors.

  • Sectors coverd by instrumentas produced by Spectro Scientific are Highlighted. 

    Links to instrument information is made available from the SciMed Ltd ( distributor for UK and Ireland) website. 

  • Electrical Equipment Reliability with Ultrasound

    16 Sep 2020 Christopher Hallum

    Ultrasound is becoming a must have technology for electrical inspections because of how complementary it is to traditional infrared inspections of electrical gear.

  • How Ultrasound technology can help identify problems on slow speed bearings.

  • Lubrication related bearing failures account for 60% to 80% of premature bearing failures. These bearing failures are due to either a lack of lubrication or over-lubrication.

  • Contrary to what some might think, compressed air is not free. For what it takes to produce it, to what is generated it is often considered the most expensive utility in a typical facility.

  • Bearing Condition Monitoring Using Ultrasound

    09 Sep 2020 Christopher Hallum

    Airborne & structure-borne ultrasound has become a major player in bearing condition monitoring.

  • High energy prices dictate a need to reduce energy waste. Steam, is one of the costliest utilities in plants and an essential component to product quality in many industries.

  • Using Ultrasound to Enhance Energy Efficiency

    03 Sep 2020 Christopher Hallum

    One of today’s greatest challenges for maintenance & reliability teams is to improve energy efficiency.

  • UE Systems, the manufacturer of ultrasound inspection solutions for maintenance & reliability, just added a new product to its already extensive range: the OnTrak.

  • UE Systems has launched the 4Site, an online monitoring solution for critical electric transmission and distribution equipment.

  • Client Profile Nurture Gritting is a division of Nurtures Landscapes Ltd dedicated to providing a comprehensive gritting and snow clearance service for their UK client base. The service runs from 1 No ...
  • 4Site Online Monitoring Solutions for Critical Electric Transmission and Distribution Equipment UE Systems has launched the 4Site, an online monitoring solution for critical electric transmission and ...
  • Adaptive, adaptable. What’s the difference? If you want the ultimate in shaft alignment technology, the difference is huge. It’s the difference between maximizing production time and team efficiency o ...