Fire extinguishers


  • The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Trend Report 2020  New technological developments follow each other in rapid succession this offers managers in the field of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) man ...
  • From the SciMed team, Spectro Scientific show what Fleet Condition Monitoring is all about and how on-site oil analysis programs can positively impact municipal fleets

  • Implementing condition monitoring with wireless technology has many advantages, the most obvious being the fast return on investment since calculations don't have to take into account costly cabling.
  • Nurture Gritting could not grow using their initial use of excel spreadsheets. Their database had grown & they needed to standardize processes, a more systematic & professional approach was needed.

  • Having benefited from using a CRM for many years, Ductbusters recognized the need for change. Rapid growth & expansion of services required a new look at systems that had the flexibility they needed.

  • With emphasis on minimising the sharing of tools and interactions between employees, combined with a focus on personal hygiene and social distancing, the TakeAIM app can help in a number of ways.
  • We speak to UE Systems about how they are responding to the market shift towards digitalisation, the need for increased equipment availability, and its presence at Maintec later this year.

  • Maintec Exhibitor Ultimo Software are running five short webinars on: Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Control & Flexibility, Warehouse Management & Purchasing.

  • Kingspan’s largest facility in Wales, has 4 independent production lines that are kept in service by 23 engineers, mechanics and electricians. Any breakdown of machinery can quickly create problems.
  • Watch SciMed's First Video Production! The benefits of early testing of fixed and mobile plant assets to prevent unexpected failure, by having on site oil condition monitoring.
  • Discover the next-gen maintenance management platform (CMMS Software) and First Maintenance Social Network with Mobility Work
  • Plant reliability specialist AVT Reliability® will demonstrate its ground-breaking intelligent condition based maintenance (CBM) expertise at the UK's foremost event for the maintenance engineering community in October.

    11 Sep 2019
    BocPredict Advanced Conditional Monitoring uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict failures of any engine or mechanical equipment to increase their availability.Our real-time monitoring of your critical equipment is made possible thank
  • East Grinstead, 29 July 2019: Maintec, the UK’s only exhibition dedicated to the maintenance and reliability industry, has seen a significant growth in global manufacturers and solution providers sign up to exhibit to the next edition of its event.
  • The BSIF, who provide support and guidance on a wide range of occupational safety issues will be returning to Maintec in recognition of safety being an increasingly important addition to the maintenance engineers job responsibility.