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Fire extinguishers

Product Showcase

  • Hansford Sensors have a range of premium compact accelerometers perfect for use where space is limited. These 100mV/g shear accelerometers are safe and accurate, and different specification options ma ...
  • Many organisations use different spreadsheets to record information about their Assets, making overall reporting of Asset Compliance an impossible task. AssetHQ gives organisations the ability to bring all Asset information into one central easy to use system that can be accessed from any device at any time.


  • 53North Group has a range of maintenance and asset care elements that are laid out in our asset care table above. These elements are split into departments that are targeted at manufacturing organisations, each designed to support different client needs. 

    • Asset Management
    • Smart maintenance systems
    • Lubrication and Applied Science
    • Reliability 
    • Health, Safety and Environmental



  • AMS Machine Works is a software solution that combines predictive maintenance techniques with analysis tools to provide an easy and accurate assessment of machinery health.

  • The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device that delivers vibration alongside process monitoring capabilities for balance of plant assets.

  • The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers full vibration data over a self-organising wireless mesh network providing rich information for both operations and maintenance personnel.

  • Designed for use with fixed systems, our range of cable assemblies includes male and female connections with a range of specification options that enhance their capabilities; allowing you to get the p ...
  • With fast settling times and a list of varied specification options our triaxial accelerometers offer you the ultimate in adaptability and hassle free machine monitoring. We also offer intrinsically s ...
  • The Asset Management Excellence Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work done by asset management professionals, organisations and teams across the world. Commitment, quality and foresight are vital to the success of asset management – along with innovation, adaptation and social awareness.

  • We supply a range of ATEX approved, intrinsically safe accelerometers for a range of uses across the world. This range of intrinsically safe 100mV/g accelerometers makes machine monitoring in hazardou ...
  • Our range of tough industrial enclosures is designed to provide complete protection and full connectivity for one or more accelerometers in a wide range of demanding applications.
  • Our range of AC 100mV/g accelerometers is designed for use with all types of data collectors and online systems using two-wire constant current method of drive.
  • Our advanced 4-20mA vibration transmitters, or loop powered sensors, are engineered for use with the latest PLC (programmable logic controller), BMS (building management system), or SCADA (supervisory ...
  • Aquamax KF ppm water in oils and fuels 

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  • The IAM Annual Conference 2021 OnDemand is here. If you couldn't make it why not try our OnDemand version watch when you want.

    Join us for 35+ innovative presentations, workshops and panel discussions (over 30 hours of content) on topics such as...

  • The Big Picture is a visual tool for starting conversations about asset management within your organisation as well as with customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders. The intention is not to provide a guide of how to ‘do’ asset management, but rather to capture what it feels like, depicting the cultural and technical barriers. It is the result of stories shared by hundreds of IAM members over a series of workshops.