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Fire extinguishers

Product Showcase

  • Used by some of the world’s leading brands, LKE produce bespoke internal towable transport, kitting and picking solutions (often referred to as tugger train systems), which offer the ability to tow multiple different material types together such as pallets, stillages, KLT boxes and more.


  • - Optimize your lubrication program

    - Record all lubrication data

    - Create lubrication routes

    - Trend bearing condition

    - SD card compatible

    - Free DMS software for trending & routes

    Manage your lubrication program with the Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro and reduce bearing failure.

  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy - Optimize your lubrication program to pro-actively avoid early bearing failures.

  • Ultraprobe 15000 - The most elaborate & efficient ultrasound data collection, inspection & analysis instrument available today.

  • Ultraprobe 10000 – One of the worlds’ most advanced digital ultrasonic detection systems

  • Ultraprobe 9000 - Expand your inspection capabilities with digital ultrasound technology

  • Ultraprobe 3000 - The digital energy conservation tool that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX - The industry’s most comprehensive analog ultrasound instrument with ATEX rating

  • Ultraprobe 100 - Easy to use ultrasonic leak detector & valve tester for energy, time & money savings.

  • World's only software that uses sophisticated CEEMDAN algorithm for machine failure detection on a real-time basis 


  • Monitor all your workplace equipment including a forklift, ladder, pallet truck, scaffolding, racking, MEWP, excavators and much more using regular equipment maintenance inspections in line with PUWER and Health & Safety policies. 

  • DCO Systems offer an Environmental Monitor integrated with energy harvesting capabilities for long-life, maintenance-free operation. This product is ideal for monitoring of internal and external environments, including atmospheric and acoustic conditions. Optional cloud-based software platform for sensing that incorporates real-time data analysis, complete historic data storage and alerts for environmental conditions.

  • The components and complexity of the drive system can range from small fixed-speed DC motors to large variable frequency drive AC induction motors. DCO Systems offer an easy to retrofit sensing solution enabling motors, still within their service lifetime, to acquire the same monitoring capabilities and performance metrics as newer, state-of-the-art models. 

  • Our TakeAIM app has been developed to allow companies to complete and record all of their equipment inspections - helping improve both maintenance and safety programmes.

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