Product Showcase

Fire extinguishers

Product Showcase

  • Maximise Reliability, Accuracy and Maintainability for your Project.

    Award winning consultancy meets MG Product’s test jigs.

    Your Testing Options

    Choose from a range of high quality, customisable test fixtures, designed for testing excellence

    We bring together MG Products’ high quality functional testing equipment with our expertise in product development, electronics design, software development and production testing. 

  • A multi-colour printer that will print & cut any shape you wish at an amazingly high speed. Razor sharp texts and symbols printed at a resolution of 300DPI.

  • ShireSystem by Elecosoft is a maintenance and facilities management software used globally by thousands of users for improved asset visibility and planned preventative maintenance.

    ShireSystem delivers rapid return on investment resulting in an immediate, positive impact on your business by saving you time and money.

  • Plant trees for purchases, bookings, or any CTA you like.

    The badge displays your company’s positive impact.

  • Every interaction with ForestNation will result in planting trees. If you want to buy a cool T-Shirt or a nice reusable tote bag, we will plant trees for you!

  • Challenge yourself and your team with our quizzes, learn new and cool things, and plant trees!

    Quiz challenges help you reach your audience in an engaging way. For every completed quiz, we plant trees in areas affected by deforestation.

  • Mobile solution for your itinerant collaborators

  • The web-app to manage job & service requests available to everyone at any time.

  • Enhance your maintenance performance with Coswin 8i ! Web-browser based technology. User-friendly and functionally rich.

  • Introducing the Flowsort Diverter System - A Modular Sorter Unit for Belt & Roller Conveyors

  • Our Guard-Check gives you a quick and easy method to accurately check the guard opening size, based on the distance from the hazard zone for hands as referenced by BS EN ISO 13857.

  • Our Opto-Check gives you a quick and easy method to accurately check the operation of an opto-electronic sensing device, based on the methods as referenced by BS EN ISO 61496-2 and HSG180. It can be used during the design, installation, and inspection of barrier guards to make sure they operate correctly.

  • Produce powerful manufacturing intelligence reports to understand employee productivity, production efficiency and all-round performance.

  • Set priorities, manage capacity and schedule part-types/ work items dynamically, giving you control over the entire manufacturing process.

  • From accounts to Excel, from CAD to ERP, integrate your systems with data from TotalControlPro to complete your smart factory set-up.

  • Track live materials, components and item stock at the click of a button.

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