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Webinar - Emerson

Cut through the complexity of machinery analysis with advanced predictive diagnostics

Analysing vibration data and extracting information from the data requires specialist knowledge and tools. The well-established PeakVue technology cuts through the complexity to identify faults in any rolling element bearing machine. In this webinar, we will look at the latest version of Emerson’s PeakVue diagnostic package, PeakVue Plus and what additional tools it offers the field technician to improve reliability of rotating machinery.

We will also look at the new AMS Asset Monitor which, with PeakVue prescriptive analytics embedded, now brings IIoT connectivity and Edge computing technology to the CBM market in a simple to install field mount enclosure. Derived from 50 years’ experience in the predictive maintenance market, the analytics within the AMS Asset Monitor deliver clear guidance for less skilled technicians aiding early identification of potential causes of failure on common machine types.

Key takeaways

  • How PeakVue Plus works and its role to verify if a machine is in good (or not) condition.
  • Why simple is best – making it easier to interpret situations.
  • Determine the exact nature of the defect.
  • Visualise distress signals that are not visible with other vibration measurements.
  • Use case examples of PeakVue Plus in action.



Michael Szurkowski Michael Szurkowski

Michael Szurkowski is the North America & Canada Business Development Manager/Subject Matter Expert for portable products in the Reliability Solutions business of Emerson Automation Solutions.  His career with Emerson has spanned seventeen years and he previously worked for a Nuclear Power company for twenty-three years. 

Mike is a Vibration Institute Category III certified analyst with twenty-nine years of experience with Predictive Maintenance technologies. Mike is a subject matter expert in using PeakVue and PeakVue Plus for efficient early detection of impacting and degrading health in rotating machinery.  He has worked in power, food processing, chemical, materials, paper, casting, and pharmaceutical facilities.  




James SylvesterJames Sylvester

James Sylvester is the author of “Enhancing System Reliability Though Vibration Technology”, owner and Director of JPS Reliability Ltd and an RMS Trainer at the Reliability Training Institute and RMS Reliability Engineer.

A practical and highly technical Machinery Diagnostics & Condition Monitoring Specialist with 31 years engineering experience across a wide range of industries in the UK and Australia. First 10 years working within Mechanical Engineering & Maintenance and the last 21 years working within Reliability & Condition Monitoring (specialising in Manual/Online VA, IRT, and LM).

James holds, ISO 18436-2 VA Level 3, ISO 18436-4 LM Level 2, ASNT-SN-TC-1A IRT Level 2, ASNT-SN-TC-1A UT Airborne Level 1 and ISO 18426 ARP Category 1. James is a Member of Engineers Australia in the Mechanical College (AMIEAust), Registered Engineering Technician with the Engineering Council UK (EngTech) and an Associate Member of the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AMInstNDT).

Emerson PeakVue Technology

Machinery vibration is a focus for plant management with the intent of increasing performance and decreasing maintenance costs.  Monitoring acceleration, velocity & displacement vibration trends, spectral fault frequencies and waveform data is important in identifying machinery faults.  This presentation will focus on the application of short-term acceleration transient events employing Emerson’s PeakVueTM technology and the recently developed PeakVue Plus to enhance the management of plant asset health. 

About Emerson

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Emerson can help your business drive operational reliability though a comprehensive portfolio of services and technologies for automation assets, rotating machinery, and fixed equipment.

This portfolio includes predictive maintenance and diagnostic software applications as well as technologies for online condition and asset health monitoring, field communicators, wireless monitoring, and route-based analyzers.


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